Top advantages
of our SmartClass+ Language lab

Advantage 1

Students’ speaking opportunities increase by 10 times

To encourage students to practice their speaking skills in class, teachers can pair students in groups of 2 or more (one of several examples).

Our noise-cancelling headphones enable students to speak simultaneously without disturbing others.

Pairing Activities Smartclass
Advantage 2

Teachers can assign a flexible blend of classroom and self-access activities

This combination of activities addresses classwork, homework and inverted-classroom teaching preferences.

Language Lab Reading Activity
Advantage 3

Teachers can monitor all classwork activities from their computer and assist individual students as needed

Teachers can see their students’ screens on their computer and track their students’ progress as they complete digital assignments in class. Teachers can also work with a student on an individual basis if they require additional support.

Teacher Monitoring Students SmartClass
Advantage 4

Teachers can share digital content with their class in real time

From their computer, teachers can share content on their students’ screens including multimedia documents, presentations, instructions for assignments, and more.

Language Lab Platform Activity
Advantage 5

Teachers can administer live tests

During tests administered in class, teachers can control students’ recordings as all students respond in unison. This capability is employed for standardized language tests such as APâ (Advanced Placement).

Smartclass Language lab
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"For more than 30 years, teachers have been using our SmartClass+ language lab to enable students to improve their language skills. Our language labs are installed in more than 89 countries."

Yanick Demers
CEO Robotel

SmartClass+ allows teachers to create a variety of activities students can complete in class or at home

SmartClass+ provides 20 assignment templates that teachers can use to design custom exercises that enable students to practice conversation and pronunciation skills, comprehension, writing, and reading.

These activities can be assigned as in-class activities or homework that can be done from home.

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The SmartClass+ platform
offers a high level of flexibility

Bring Your Own Device support eliminates the need for dedicated devices. Teachers and students can bring their workstations to class.

The SmartClass+ database can be hosted on the school’s servers or our secure cloud-hosted servers.

Our SmartClass+ language lab functions using either a wireless (Wi-Fi) or a wired network.

Students are able to use any type of computing device (Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets & smartphones).