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Add SmartClass to your Google Classroom today

If you're a language teacher looking to add engaging speaking and listening activities to your English, Spanish or German classes, SmartClass is what you need!

Free for 30 days
Why use SmartClass?

  Authentic speaking opportunities to increase your student's oral skills.

  Engage all your students in class, at home, and on the go.

  Thousands of activities in English, Spanish, and German (over 50% auto-graded)

 Complete ESL/MLL curriculum for newcomers through advanced.

Follow these easy steps

1. Click here to get started!*

2. Sign into Google with your school email address.

3. In our platform, select the class you want to use our activities with.

4. Select the language and level of activities you want to use.

5. Explore the activities and assign folders to your students.

* If you experience issues accessing SmartClass Integration from school due to being blocked by your administrator, please contact us here.


Enjoy using SmartClass!

Don't have Google Classroom but you want to use SmartClass with your students? Contact us to find out how!